Monday, February 13, 2017

Change Project Pitch: Technology Fluency - Feb. 10, 2017

"There is NEVER enough time in the school day to do the things that you HAVE to do."
It's understandable that when you ask staff to ADD anything to their day, the elephant absolutely bucks the rider right off its back.  And that's quite a height to fall from.  

I've created a draft of my my pitch for change in my little school.   Our change action would be supporting the long term change of students being fluent with technology in our school.   The audience and/or stakeholders are the teachers.  What I want from them is to have 15 min. a day dedicated to tech time.  In order to motivate the elephant, I will provide teachers research that shows the need for computer skills for students.  To direct the rider, I would limit it to just 15 min. a day.  To create the path, I would have the students use 15 min. from their current 70 min. lunch (40 min.) and 30 min. (recess).   By preparing the students in tech class how to use the programs, they will just use that time in class to reinforce their Keyboarding and Coding skills.  


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