Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tweeting - A Paradigm Shift - Tues., Feb. 14, 2017

Since today's the day for love, I have to say that I have never loved "tweeting."  I was briefly introduced to it in the last class, but never really was motivated to really "tweet."  Personally, it's a humility thing.  My ideas are important, but are they important enough to share with the world?  Maybe I'm too "old school" and that I had to wait to be called on by the teacher to share my thoughts.  That's a paradigm shift to think that my ideas are valued and that others can learn from me.  After watching the videos assigned for class, I've got a much greater understanding of WHAT it's for.  I loved George Sieman's words "combinational creativity" and that knowledge is a network project.  I've always looked at it as "one more thing to do," but the value is more evident now.  I can even see where a # for my school could help with communication and knowledge sharing.  I'm definitely more motivated to start using it as a tool in my daily life. When I set up my account years ago, I set it up with a lame account name because I didn't know any better.  Here's my twitter LINK.


  1. Hey Cathy because you tweeted I now know about the Waddington Institute and it got me wondering why so many principals were going there!
    Can't wait to hear what your take aways are from it!
    I looks like you did some Vision work! ;-)

  2. I found your post, Cathy, and I wanted to thank you for saying this. I also have a hard time putting my ideas out for others to see. I'm not sure I believe they are important enough to share. George Couros' (I think it was his) quote that "Everyone has a story to tell" immediately made me think, "Sure, I have one, but does anyone want to listen?" It's helpful to know at least one other person is feeling similarly, and that someone else is working on that paradigm shift, too!